Strive For Success

team is really inclusive of all experiences and skills,

and is willing to help everyone learn more


New organization, new skills.

Being a junior and reflecting upon the skills I have learned so far as a Mechanical Engineering student, I felt that I had little to offer — not many engineering skills that can be marketable to companies. Knowing that, I thrust myself to join a team competition organization where I could learn more skills, more problem-solving techniques, and work with a team. That’s how I ended up at CalSMV. After finding my sub-team where my interests lay, I came to uncover the skills that I had, for a while, deemed unworthy for a car team: video production and visualization. I grew up walking around with a camera and always tried to make videos of any event or trip I took, but I found that unessential to a car team aimed at designing, building and testing a new car concept. Talking with some team members about what I had to offer, they loved the idea of a team video and a video for the presentation for competition as a great addition to the final product. It assures me to know the team is really inclusive of all experiences and skills, and is willing to help everyone learn more while being a part of the team. Aside from the videos, I am also learning manufacturing skills that will give me more insight into how production works. I hope to learn new CAD-modeling programs as a part of the CAD team.

 Junaid, design team

Always moving forward.

Having been a part of SMV for over a year now, I cannot imagine a semester without these motivated individuals who are some of the greatest people I have ever met. As a mechanical engineering and materials science engineering joint major, I have taken various courses, but I sincerely believe that hands-on experience is imperative to master these subjects. Actually, my involvement in the team stems from my interest in researching and developing the next generation of eco-friendly vehicles. It also helps that the team is small enough for all of us to have a meaningful role, and large enough that we never feel overburdened.

This semester, I am serving as the team’s Business Lead; in fact, my immediate responsibility is leading SMV’s crowdfunding campaign as we aim to reach our goal of $3000 for various parts — including the battery and motor. This year, in particular, is a pivotal one for the team. We are looking to build a fully-electric vehicle and compete in another division of the Shell Eco Marathon competition for the first time. As committed as we may be to converting our sketches and models into street legal vehicles, we are often limited by the lack of funding. Therefore, in order for us to obtain quality parts and equipment, we do rely on your endorsements and guidance. The truth is, SMV only has a legacy because you have been able to embrace it as YOUR team and backed us to strive for success. As we propel forward, we request you to continue your support and reach out to us if you have any feedback for us. Rest assured that we never give up and are always moving forward!

  Kanak, business team


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