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CalSMV is thankful for the advice, support, and contributions provided by our amazing sponsors. It is with your help that we can faithfully, and with intense focus, pursue our ambitions. We would also like to thank the Professors and the Etcheverry Machine Shop staff of the University of California, Berkeley for their extensive knowledge, their vast experience, and  their enthusiasm in supporting the Team.

Sponsors and Advisors are provided with numerous opportunities and engagements to interact with  the Team and people worldwide. CalSMV races in the Shell Eco Marathon which competes around the globe across four continents to spread awareness of alternative fuels and to foster the ingenuity of tomorrow’s engineers. 

The CalSMV Team is dedicated to creating the best experience for our Sponsors and Advisors through personalized communication and unique experiences to visit us or test drive our latest vehicle. We encourage all Sponsors and Advisors to visit our Workshop in Richmond, California to see firsthand how we build super mileage vehicles and to be a member of the Team for a day. Sign up below to schedule a visit to the Workshop and change the world with us by becoming a Sponsor or Advisor. 


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