SEM 2019

Over the past two years, our team has worked endlessly to design, create, and build the first electric battery vehicle in the club’s history. Prior to being allowed to compete, our vehicle, Lux, had to pass technical inspection. Over the next two days, our team worked hard, and solved a seemingly endless stream of issues to complete inspection and get Lux onto the track. Being able to watch Lux drive on the track as a team was a fantastic sight and a huge step up from last year as we didn’t have a completed car last year. More importantly, we were able to get meaningful feedback on our car’s design as well as an estimate of our car’s efficiency. While we are happy with what we accomplished this season at competition, we are definitely not satisfied, and will continue to look forward to improving our design this upcoming year.

The event itself was a fantastic learning and bonding experience for the team. We were able to gauge where our competition was relative to us, aspects of our design that garnered improvement, and clearing inspection for the first time gave us a good idea of what to expect going forward. While the tight-knit nature and size of our team made our team relationship great, struggling through inspection, sharing a single meal a day, and just spending time with each other really helped further our team dynamic and chemistry. Despite the many challenges that we faced, it was an extraordinarily enjoyable experience, and our team is motivated to work hard to make the best of competition next year and we look forward to the upcoming challenges along the way.

–Megan Lie and William Tai