Shell Eco Marathon

Ready, set, start your engines


With each year comes more experience and more motivation. As we work in our small pit-space at Shell Eco Marathon, it is hard not to reflect on the work the Team has put in to reach this destination. Hundreds of hours at our Richmond Field Station building, modifying, tweaking, improving. Improving — it’s a big theme of CalSMV. We always seek to grow and improve our workmanship each year. And today until Sunday, our Team gets to see how much we really have grown this year. I am really grateful for the work the Team has accomplished this year and I look forward to competing for the Team and for Berkeley.

 Zane, structure team

So here it is! Finally out at competition. It’s always fun to look back at all the memories made in prepping for competition, some good some bad — way too much cheap pizza and RedBull, all the itching from carbon fiber and fiber glass dust, coming home smelling of fuel — it all culminates this weekend. This is a bit of a dramatic flair, but I’m really excited to see all of our hard work pay off. There is still plenty of work to be done, particularly in learning how our engine really responds and how we can tune it, but we have set ourselves up for success. We’ll keep everyone updated and take plenty of photos, since this is a proud weekend for the entire Team, not just those of us attending competiton. With that, start your engines!

 Bradley, systems team


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