Approaching Tangibility

See how it motivates the rest of the team

Today in the workshop, the team worked to build cardboard mock ups of Lux’s interior and crumple zones at life-size dimensions. The cardboard build day allowed us to make some adjustments to dimensions and, most importantly, allowed us to begin to see how the car looks. Although, we are anxious to correct all dimensions it is exciting to see a physical representation of our car moving on to the next steps. It makes me feel even more motivated and it’s cool to see how it motivates the rest of the team.

The crumple zone in the front of the car will be losing an inch or two of width on both sides as will the height of the car. The car is coming together bit by bit. As far as interior ergonomics go, we altered the seat location and curvature to better accommodate a variety of driver body types. The seats will be built almost directly into the firewall to minimize weight. All in all it was productive day. Next step, finish CADs.

 Caroline and Nisha, structure team